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Hello I came out as...

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I came out as a bi sexual, but I think over time and still now I am becoming more and more lesbian. I feel more comfortable with other women than men, I don't know why though. I suppose it because most of my more successful relationships were with women =3.

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This, I can understand. I came out when I was sixteen or so as bisexual, but then I realized "Nuh uh, full on lesbian in the house", hence I came out as lesbian when I was seventeen. Besides, we women can understand each other better than men can understand us. Anyway, just be comfortable with who you are and love who you want. You only live once! : )
Stick around for the ride. You'll never know what happens.


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Technically, I came out as lesbian in 4th grade to my best friend/biggest crush, 30 minutes later re-closeted, came out as bi curious in 7th grade, full bi in my second 9th grade, went to college, became the slut of the school, went to a shrink, and came out again as a lesbian again. The map to my life was handed to me on a silver platter at a rather early age, and christian fundamentalist views told me the vegetables on that platter were bad for me as it was slapped out of my hands and my fragile, childhood psyche shattered in half an hour. I know that because that's how long morning recess was. Either way, therapy works and I love who I am now. That's more what matters than anything else.


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KaixChan. Ok, I agree with the first part--coming out bi then coming out lesbian. But... the second... I literally thought I was a boy in my childhood and I have younger brothers and played with them too. I did not like girls. I thought "girls have koodies" just like the other boys. I really understand boys. I did not understand girls until I had been with my lover since my teenage years and came out in the lesbian scene at age 21 and was in college. I had to meet, date and have relationships with "girls" to learn about being a girl.

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