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Comming out for a shy person

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Although I live in Liberal New York, the area in which I live is quite conservative, if not, homophobic, compared to the rest of the state. Luckily, the college I go to is a safe place, but I'm still very afraid to come out loud and proud to people.

How does one come out in spite of the "Eww that's gross. Stay away!" responses that might happen?

Halo Nott

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Fist tell the people you want to tell this to and listen to their views on gays. Ask them if they have ever met gays, watch a gay movie with them like 'Gaybe', ask about their experiences with gays, etc. Then try hinting it (it's a funny kind of embarassing). Ask what they would do if ' a gay proposed to you?' then finally ask 'what would you do if you were gay?' If after all that they STILL don't get the hint consider this-
A. why aren't they getting the hint?( don't know? pass on to the next step)
B. do you want to tell them?(yes? pass to c.)
C. how would they react if they found out ( you can live with it or they're okay? pass to d)
D. Yay! you can tell them.

Another sure fire way to tell people calmly or decide if you want to is to get a girlfriend. Then you do what your girlfriend does if she's already come out or you can decide together if you both haven't. This one is highly recommeded; the other is more fun.
But make sure you don't get a girlfriend just to decide. Have a girlfriend because she's the best thing there ever was.

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