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Please Read And Understand Before Posting Anything In Here.

New area added upon request, but please read *before* posting. This is an area apart from BEST PLACES for Lesbians (local PUBLIC haunts and/or businesses members recommend) AND apart from the TIME-LIMITED event announcements also appropriate in that area (which remains above).

This is ONLY to announce in-person social, activity, or support groups for and/or including queer women in a particular local area. These groups would at least potentially be ongoing, yours could get together for . . . whatever you like. Posts may describe previously established groups that need new members OR a group you'd like to start if you generate enough interest.

Examples: Dykes Playing Poker Every Other Saturday Night in Seattle, Queer Knitting Fiends in Phoenix, Lesbians with Little Kids in Los Angeles.

Posts should also conform to the following:

1) Should go without saying, but if your group doesn't want new members, don't post about it here. If your group stops desiring new members, message the lesbotronic admins and we'll take down your post.

2) If there are criteria or membership requirements for joining the group, make those clear in your post. Don't make someone contact you just to find out they don't "qualify" for previously unstated reasons.

3) Leave enough and current info either in your post or your profile for interested parties to contact you. You can use an appropriate URL, if you have one (if not, that's fine too). We do NOT recommend posting a phone number, you can give that to interested parties privately after initial contact.

4) If you're not in charge of the group, you have the go ahead from whomever(s) to advertise it here. If you don't already, please get permission first or tell them to post about it themselves.

5) Unless we say otherwise in a particular posting, those of us who run lesbotronic are not responsible for nor do we necessarily know anything about any group mentioned. Questions regarding any group need to go to whoever posted the info.

6) Please title your post with both the geographical area/city in question and something about what it is, so folks will know if they want to click.

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