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Previous Members, Please Read

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Hi there! Probably you already noticed, but this is a different board. We consider it an upgrade, definitely.

We imported all the content from the previous board, including your usernames and passwords. However, as with any massive import situation, it's possible something got bungled. If your password isn't working and you can't get it back by clicking the "I've forgotten my password" link on the sign in page below the password box, please email us, we'll get you fixed up. (Please email us from the same email address you registered here previously.)

You also have a profile that is associated with a geographic zone . . . but the zone is probably NOT accurate for previous members right now. That would be because that's a new field we just added. Please go edit your profile and update that. You can also edit other stuff in there, like your timezone and photo (we recommend uploading one).

There are a lot of new features:

- 2 Members Only areas, including the Groups, which have been consolidated onto this board

- a friends system

- an improved search system

- a status system

- a personal messenger system

Only members who have posted 3 or more times are allowed certain types of access.

For more info on the different types of access and/or any other questions, please click "Help" at the very bottom of the board. If there's something you think we really need to add to the help files, please let us know. But please check out the help files FIRST, thanks.

Hope everyone enjoys the new board! :)

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