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Hello Ladies!

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Hi my name is Robin, I'm new here it's nice to meet you if you are reading this message. I'm real friendly so please don't hesitate to talk to me. :blushing: Um do I say something about myself?

Inexperienced, curvy, sweet, caring, and feeling really weird typing that out. I’ve got a gentle voice, expressive eyes, a self-deprecating laugh and a big heart. FYI I may be femme but If you ever try to take me shopping I may have to kill you. :sweat:


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Hi Robin! :) Hi Everyone!

I'm Dixie. I'm new here too. I'm just trying to figure all of this out right now, but it seems to be a very cool, hot spot! :coffee:
I enjoy meeting new people, and after reading the "rules" of the board, uh... I guess it is important that I say that I not only condone "adult" language, and topics.... I use adult language, and I love having someone who can "stimulate me" with conversation, :secret:What can I say... I love "stimulation", hahaha!!! :p So feel free to start a conversation here, or send me a stimulating message... who knows what might happen!

p.s. I am femme, and I love femme women!


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whats up! I am what some may say a "Tomboy" but i have somewhat of a femme side (you will never catch me in a dress though) I enjoy geeking out to new things (when i'm not being shy) but maybe we could chat sometime!! --same goes fro everyone!

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