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I'm not too common with all of the different terms. I came out to my family as Bi though, just about a year or 2 ago. My mom thinks it's a phase, but I have known for several years. She thinks I am messing up my life, grr, lol off topic sorry. But now I am starting to think I may be a lesbian. It's really confusing to me. I have only had 2 experiences with girls though, but mainly only kissing. Now I have heard from a past boyfriend and am having feelings for him lol. It's really confusing, so maybe I am that pansexual or whatever it's called. Anyone have any ideas?

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You have all the ideas. Nobody knows you better than you.

And you are not obligated to fit inside any box, or be defined by any labels.

Your sexuality is yours and you get to decide who you are attracted to and who you want to be with. 


When I was figuring out things for myself I did a lot of reading on wikipedia and other websites, and as I read through definitions for things like transgender, lesbian, asexual, and aromantic (and all the other flavors out there!), I would say "yes, that fits me" or "nope, not that". And by taking bits and pieces from all these various words and definitions, I was able to define my own sexuality and gender identity. Which was (and still is) very liberating!

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I don't think you should label yourself Britney. You are just who you are. You are attracted to who you are attracted to. I am attracted to blond blue or green eyed small petite ppl... ppl. Not just a woman or a man but the person i am attracted to always has those traits. 

You might be attracted to certain things in your boyfriend that the 2 women that you were with had as well. Do you see?  I don't think that's why you should focus on labelling yourself. 

Enjoy what a person makes you feel, and if a woman makes you feel loved, and happy, satisfied and fullfilled... then who cares. You are you with her. Thats all that matters in the grand scheme of things yes? :) 

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