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Lesbian Scifi/fantasy

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So this might be here already and i just don't see it, but i recently got a kindle, and I'm mostly a fantasy, cool-hero-goes-on-awesome-quest-and-such-books girl. But being a lesbian, i'd rather the hero be a woman, and her lady love also (obviously) be a woman. All i can find on kindle in the lesbian fantasy genre is erotica. not quite the same thing.. Anyone have any suggestions for what i should read?


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For science fiction, you can check this site, at least...


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You have just given me the kick-up-the-pants I need to finish the story I'm writing. A fantasy novel with a female lead, who's in love with a woman. :)
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Katie LeJoi

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Thanks for starting this thread & the subsequent link (http://lesbianscienc...byAuth0001.html).
Scifi/fantasy is my favorite genre & I didn't even know books w/ queer heroines existed!

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