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Two Of The Best Around

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Okay Pink has always sang about what life is really like. She couldn't have said it better than her song F'ing perfect. She challenges the president, sings about her inner struggles so shes my number two.

My favorite I lady gaga. It takes a lot to be brave enough to be who you are and not let society tear you apart. I know the name is weird but if you haven't listened to it or watched the video you should. The song is called Hair. If you do a utube search you will find where she dedicates it to a boy who was bullied and killed himself for not being like everyone else. A lot of people don't really concentrate on the words but words are a persons life, poetry, experiences, and messages. You put that with actual music you've done something great. Good thing you can't hear me but here is just a little of the lyrics: When I'm acting hot shot mamma cut my hair at night. In the morning I'm short of my identity. I scream mom and dad why can't I be who I want to be. I just want someone to know I want you to love me for who I am. Okay enough singing lol sorry love music but you got to admit how many people would do the stuff she does and not care? OOOOPPPPPSSSSS That would be me. Little hyper tonight sorry. :p

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