If In Some Religions Men Have More Then One Wives, Why Shouldn't We?

I have seen many nay sayers on this page and must say that personally I know it can happen and work. It is not all about Monogamy, Non-monogamy or Poloyamory. I have a husband and love him dearly and the idea of another man touching me is sickening to me. It will never happen. The same feeling in there when I am with a woman. I don't wish to go back in forth between. Yes I have been in a relationship with both at the same time and yes they both knew about one another. My kids thought she was the greatest. My husband and she got along really well.

We moved out of state due to finaces, she stayed behind with her family. We still text and write. She continued to text my husband checking on me until her new "love" found out and made her choice between him or us. I understand her choice to stop contacting us (she just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy). So yes I do believe such relationships can work. I can't wait to find another wonderful woman such as she. The point is it is not the relationship itself but the people in it. No type of relationship would last thru jealousy or the such. So if you are the overly jealous type no it would never last, but if you have more love in your heart then yes it can.

Be yourself and not what another wishes you to be. After all, it was that person that caught their eye to begin with. Not all people were made to love more then one and yet not all of us were made to love only one. After all thru history men have had more then one wife and it was accepted. In some countries is still accepted and expected of the richer men of the families. Just saying....

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