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Single Lesbian Wanting Kids

I'm single (and have been for a long time).

I've always battled to envision a future married to someone (though a woman is easier to imagine, lol)... but the only thing that's remained constant since my own childhood is that I want kids of my own. I was picking out names of my future children when I was 5 years old.

I have a nephew who is almost six, and my sister doesn't plan on having more kids. I have no other siblings. So the first factor is that I don't want the gap between my nephew and his cousin to be too large. I grew up with no other kids in my family my age, and it makes me sad.

The next factor is that I know it's harder to fall pregnant when you're over thirty, and I'll be turning 27 this year. The biological clock is tick-tick-ticking.

So, I've decided that I'm going to go it alone. I can always meet someone to fall in love with. I have so many years for that. But not as many to have a child. Knowing I don't have the best-paying job in the world, I've already got a savings account where I'm saving for prams and cots, and school fees and uniforms later. I can't touch it without giving a month's notice so it's away from my impulse-buying fingers.

I'm looking for a donor, as I'd rather it be someone I know than someone through a sperm bank.

So... is anyone else in the same boat as me?

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