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New To San Fran Bay Area

Hmmm, I suppose I'll just start from the top... My names Catherine I was born in London, England moved to CT in '89 then went to College at Wittenberg University in Ohio. After graduating in 2007 I moved to Cincinnati for a social worker job. That job was pretty rough and there was no room for promotion soooo I quit when they started laying people off (no sense in causing someone else their job if I didn't even want to work there anymore right?) . Then I worked for Salllie Mae's contingency that job was realllllly defeating. Sure I got yelled at a lot collecting defaulted student loans; however, that is not why I left. I decided to move out to the San Fran bay area at the urging of my sister and her husband. So here I am! I left all my friends behind in Ohio, don't really know anyone here and MAN have I gotten bored! Respectively I joined up here to try and make some friends and maybe something more? 

So that is an outline of my last 4 years. Oh, I came out somewhere in the middle of that job changing and moving debacle. I have only lived here for about 3 weeks I really love living out in Cali though there is so much to do! I would love to be able to do some stuff here with new exciting and friendly people! I was in a sorority in school, although it was the type of sorority you see on TV. So I can handle more drama than most, but as a rule I steer clear  I love going to museums and looking at art. Although, I usually can't remember artists names, don't take offense if you love art though...I appreciate beauty in all forms and def love the emotional charge that art can bring! I also like doing outdoor activities, I ski, hike, walk, and love to try new things. I do like going out. I am a night owl at heart. Though, I have settled down quite a bit since college. I am 26 and ready to meet some cool people I know you're out there so come hang out!

I look forward to reading and interacting with people on this site to see what peoples views are and how others have handled being gay cause frankly, It is still soooo new to me. I like it though 

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