25, In Portland Oregon, And Ready To Start Something New With The Right Woman.

So I just recently turned 25 and I have had it with all head games, lies, and drama. It's tiring and overwhelming. I know what most of your thinking as you're reading this "your 25! you're so young!" and I get that but why does that mean I have to suffer. Yes I said suffer and trust me I've been through it. Through it with men and women or better yet let me say boys and girls.

I guess what I'm saying is I'm ready to open up my eyes to something new. I was born and raised in Portland and I have lived here a majority of my life so far. But I'm definitely to the point where I'm ready to start something new. It could be finding a new group of friends on hanging out in different areas but trying different things altogether is what I want. Just something new. Not the same things that been doing or the same places I've been going to or the same people I've been surrounding myself with. Don't get me wrong, not all of the people I have in my life are bad people but it's still not satisfying enough.

So how do I start something new being 25, single, African-American in the Portland area how do I restart things? How do I start something new? How do I find the right person and not the just right now? How do I stay away from the sour apples, thieves, and liars. I just want a friendship, a partner, and a lover.

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