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Coming Out To Best Friend

Over the past year I've slowly came out to most of my family (and a couple of LGBT friends)... The people that are closest to me, and that I know would care about me and not freak out over my sexuality... In this past year, I reconnected with an old High School friend, I've known her for ten years, and we were close and have became close again... I really love this girl like a sister (we even work together)... Problem is I came from a small town where homophobia liked to reign... I remember how horrible it was, when one of my friends was decloseted when we were in eleventh grade...

When we were just reconnecting, I didn't feel the need to share my sexuality with her, but now that we are back to being great friends I feel like I am hiding a part of me from her... The other day I was casually talking about my grandmother's boyfriend who happens to be bi-sexual, and when I mentioned that he was previously with a guy, she freaked out, made a disgusted face, and said 'that is just nasty'... I was taken aback by her reaction because I didn't expect it to be that big of a deal to her, but clearly it seems like it is...

She talks about her boyfriend all the time and I am happy for them (they have been together for 3 years next month), and even though I am single at the moment, when I get into a relationship, I want to share it with her and have her be happy for me... But I am worried that she will be disgusted with my choice and want nothing to do with me... She is really my only close friend, and I worry once she finds out about the true me, she will no longer what to be my friend... Is it worth the risk to tell her now, when I am still single or worry about crossing the bridge when I am in a relationship, or should I just suck it up, tell her, and wait for her reaction...

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