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Anybody Else Have Romance Issues?

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Been seperated from ex for about 4 months now and I don't miss her so much that I just miss the relationship part. Know what i mean?...from small town so finding a new girl is crazy hard. not to mention im going for radiology degree so when do u meet someone when your face is always crammed into a book?...just wanna find someone to relax with, talk to about anything and everything, and not be so scared that they'll leave me out of the blue...any advice on how to do that? if gaydar does exist then mine is broken because the whole "is she flirting with me or does she like me" part of myself didnt get the memo that i was gay so it doesnt work whatsoever.


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I totally get where your going here, because I have the exact same issue. Even though I myself have never had a steady girlfriend I have had a few crushes and even then it's hard to tell if they like me (all of them liked me for my friendship) I sometimes wonder if my gaydar is broken too because no one seems interested in me or it hasn't gone off yet xD


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I totally get you too. I've "messed around" with girls and my family knew I was into women the way I am way before I did
(Even before I messed around with girls, sounds weird...?), and now that I've realized what I really want... it's like I can't find it *many "V8 slaps" to my head*. The women I meet just want to mess around... I really want the companionship with it. I've looked beautiful dikes in the face, had wonderful conversations and only realized they were flirting later on... when it was WAAAY TOO late! (._. ) ...curse you society! Hang in there... there's a gal there for you! I thought that this site would speed things up/make it easier (I'm in college too, though I am grateful for our community regardless!!!), but if you're looking for something real... you've just gotta wait sweety! If they "seem" into you, they probably are. Just take it slow.
"If laughter's youth, let's give years."


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They say the best things in life are worth waiting for and that you have to be patient. Well I'm patient. Been single 10-11 yrs now. So., that being said , not being use to the dating scene anymore , I can only hope I do not sit by and wonder if they are flirting or not. I am going to try to be proactive and flirt back, which I am shy at first so that is not easy for me. But I have decided to take that chance instead of always wondering what could've been...I can only hope though, that if I was wrong I don't offend anyone : )


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I was with my ex for 3 years, and the sudden being alone hit me a few months later also. I had a couple hook ups since then because I wasn't ready for a relationship, and they were unsatisfying and I now just have people at school that I feel awkward around.
You will find yourself craving affection, especially if you've been in a steady relationship prior, but Julz is right to say how important patience is. Don't just hop on board with just anyone, keep your perspective on whether you really like someone or whether you like how they make you feel. When you are lonely it's easy to let yourself become fond of someone even if you aren't a good match.
"There's a difference between being happy and not being lonely."
Don't stress over being with someone, because then just that part becomes your goal.
The way I see it is this: That person out there, they are probably wonderful and worth waiting for... and they are waiting for you too.

Don't dream about being who you want to be, just be that someone... it's not as Miyagi as it sounds.

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