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What Do You Wear When You Sleep?

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Rammy Lynn

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Thank you Diana...that was a nice visual.


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It depends on the night. If I'm in bed with someone I've just gotten to the level of sleepovers, probably a cute tank and undies. If I'm by myself, it can vary from naked, to just undies, to just a top, to top and bottoms, etc...

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Tank and panties..... ;)


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either PJ bottoms, a tee, nothing, or a thong or something similar. Maybe just some shorts.


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I wear a tank top and shorts. I cant sleep naked. I keep thinking that if there is a fire or someone breaks in I don't want to be nude! lol


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I'm with you, SweetNerd! God forbid I should find myself naked on a curb in the middle of the night!
Satis sum.


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t shirt and shorts, and shoes ready to jump into - hey was in a tornado a while back, since then I am ready to go - but then I am not sleeping with anyone, that would be different -


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In the summer months I wear only panties to sleep in. In the winter months I wear nighties. I have a couple of nylon nighties from Shadowline. They are mid calf length. Also have a few satin nighties or some call them a chemise. The chemise can also be worn as a slip.



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I sleep naked. It's by far the most comfortable I think. Even in the winter (just add a blanket!)
:) Unfortunately, I live and work in a college dorm right now and people are knocking on my door all times of night, so its a bit inconvenient to keep throwing on clothes every time that happens. But I.just strip them back off when they leave! :) naked sleep is good sleep.
~ Sunny


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It really depends on my mood. Generally I like some nice baggy PJ bottoms (flannel?) with a tanktop or old T-shirt. But sometimes, I go all-natural, and sleep naked. OR- if I'm feeling a little sexy, I break out the silky stuff.

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