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Affinity For Things Of A Darker Nature?

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Vega del Castillo

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I'm a n00b here! Just looking for some like-minded ladies... I'm currently single, but I wouldn't mind finding people just to hang out with & be merry. Wow, that sounds like I don't have any friends... I swear I do, but most of them are straight-o's and don't usually go to places us fabulous homos do... :-/

I'm in school right now for audio production (studio recording)... I'm the quintessential audiophile. I love music of all kinds but I have a strong affinity for things of a darker nature: industrial, post-punk, darkwave, goth, deathrock. But I also love feeding my earholes with things like: 80's new wave (Depeche Mode, The Cure), indietronica, electronica, bluegrass, rockabilly/psychobilly/gothabilly, punk, horror punk, folk, 60's rock (Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Velvet Underground, Jimi Hendrix).

I write poetry and spew out my inner most innards in public on certain nights of the month at a place called Exit...maybe you've heard of it, if you're in Chicago. I write music and sing in bands. In general, I like to feed my soul with creative doings and outings.

I'm also into film... I have a significant fixation on 1920's silent films (Lon Chaney, Sr., Fritz Lang, F.W. Murnau) and 1930-40's black & white horror. Along with anything Vincent Price.

I'm also Vegetarian but leaning closer to Vegan. And boy, do I love experimenting with new recipes; I have a knack for making things taste like heaven to your gizzard. :]

So those are my interests in a nutshell... If you're into any or all of that, get at me.

-Vega ;]

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None of us here with lesbotronic are near Chicago, but just wanted to say anyway, EXCELLENT intro!

We're hoping others read this and use it as an example. :)


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Too bad we don't live close, because you sound like a pretty cool person! I love your picture uploads too, very artistic. The last, "smoking one" made me grin.

Your taste in music is absolutely divine! You should make a few more posts so that we can have a little chat over mail about it...even if we live too far for anything to become of a friendship, it's still a friendship all the same!

I hope you find what you're looking for on this site, anyway. Take care!
- Jayne~

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Hi Jayne!

I LOVE GOTH! Is it sooo un-goth of me to say it makes me happy and elated! LOL

My favorite band of all time is Godhead. I grew up in Indianapolis, but live in LA now. Otherwise I would totally be your 200 mile away friend!



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Is there such a thing as too dark?

Rammy Lynn

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Audio Production, awsome.
I also am in school, getting ready to start Studio Music Recording 2 in a couple weeks.

Nice to see an introduction from someone on the darker side. Very welcoming.
Allthough I'm more on the industrial side of it, you have excellent musical tastes.

good Luck with the audio endevour.

Ya ever wanna chat gear or music feel free to hit me up.


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Depeche Mode and The Cure are MY FAVORITES. You sound rad. Wish we lived closer o.0


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I wish I could say, Not. But I think I cannot. My xgf is into this Cat Mouse game where it has almost killed me. Maybe even it has almost killed us. She is into a long, slow, eight year now, chase. She loves to chase me and yet she basically makes herself unavailable. We lived together for 5 years. It was intense and passionate and yeah, it was hot. But she could not help herself from playing games. Now that I am out of it, as in since Thanksgiving, I realize she is never going to be real as in having a real heart. Her only game is to play and replay my heart over and over. If I had not read the SM Safety Manual when I was with my first lover of five years (circa 80s), I am certain I would be dead by now. Some women have to own someone no matter the cost. Trying to get myself out of those situations has cost me some years of heart break here and there--intense soul lessions. One of my close friends did commit suicide in my mid-twenties due to an obsession. I am all for obsession and possession but given to be shared not taken.

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Ashley Nicole

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I live in chicago but never heard of Exit! Perhaps thats a calling =]
Do you still go there??


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