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Affinity For Things Of A Darker Nature?

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Hi Jedhi... Just letting you know I can relate to what you have said here. Hang in there. Good to see you realize that she does not have a "real heart" ... you deserve someone who is available for you


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I enjoyed reading your post and say that is awesome!!! you putting yourself out there in the music world. And pursuing and education within it I would like to hear or see your poetry. Whether it be in music form or in spoken words. I know I live quite a distance to be able to see you doing your stuff. Do you have any thing on you tube?


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You are definitely someone I would want to meet. I love to listen to music (some is what you mentioned) and I love vegetarian meals.


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It's not a darker nature and you live in Chicago! There's nothing wrong with being who you are. I attended the Louis University (whatever it's called now - used to be the Nat'l College of Ed. next to Northwestern) and my parents lived by the Lincoln Park Zoo. It was one of my favorite cities.

Vegetarian meals are fine (so long as it's not with GMO ... because then it may not be vegetarian). I apparently fooled one of my depts. when I worked in a corp. because my lunches were salads.

Man, I love music and my hearing is shifting, so either more music is slightly off-key or I can't hear the frequency. I believe it's the latter. My bro had a scholarship to Julliard and I grew up in a music/artsy family.

Anyway, best to you.

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