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It's Hard To Find New People To Talk To

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Where i live (killeen, tx) there isn't really anyway to get to know people like me. I used to know quit a few but they either moved away or they were my ex's friends so they really don't like me. There is always Austin but going there alone is no fun. I'm really an out going person, and want to try to get to know people and do new things, but most of my friends aren't really into that. Blah lol. I don't know, I hope i can make new friends to talk to or someone new to be with.

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hate to say im not in Texas, i used to live in Austin though :) you seem pretty cool :D


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Im from houston! Idk how far that is from Killeen i just know its super deserted out there,huh! I live in cali now but i sure do miss hme.... Kinda! Well neways heyyyy! :)

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