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Not A Label...just...weird?

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What exactly are you?!

It seems like these days, so many people are so unique that popping the old "sexuality label" on...just isn't working! The other day, my friends were discussing sexualities I have never even heard of, and I had to ask them what they meant, and what the differences between that and your standard LGBT is.

Demisexual is where someone gains a physical attraction to someone only after falling in love with them. This is different from pansexual, which is "gender blind", and bisexual, which is a sexual attraction to both genders. At first, I thought it seemed kind of useless. But then I began to understand about a month ago, when I had my own identity crisis for a while. Sometimes, people are just so different, that they wan to stick a label on it because it's much easier than having to explain the whole rigmarole to everyone that asks.

Now, I've settled on bisexual, but mostly gay, but it wasn't always like this. I have a little drag/alter ego personality called Jason, who is a heterosexual male. But that makes me, a female, lesbian, doesn't it? But when I'm not in drag, I have been known to find a very select few males to be sexually attractive. I've even had a very long relationship (5 uninterrupted years) with a boy. But my ex, and one other male, are the only exceptions to my rule, so when I say "bisexual", it makes me feel uneasy, because I don't feel bi. I feel like a lesbian. It's just...complicated.

So this is why I pose my question to you, dear friends. Do you feel like you're in the "un-label-able" ? And if you could define your sexuality in a few sentences or a paragraph, how would you do so, and why would you do it?

Also, what are some interesting sexualities that sway away from the common ground, that you've heard of recently?

Open for a big discussion, so keep those comments coming! :)

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I certainly can't label myself, except maybe as "androgynous". Sometimes I'm a bit on the soft butch side, but I don't feel like that internally. Seems to me that we all have a variety of "component parts" (if you will) to our psyche: straight man, straight woman, gay woman, gay man, horny teenage boy, little girl, raging demon. Obviously not all have a sexual element to them, but The most delightful relationships (and sex) I've ever had included being able to trot these out at different times with one's partner. I don't mean just character role play, but being able to have her "straight man" hold and talk gently to my "straight woman", or both of our gay guys having all-out bonking sex, etc. Seems also to me that it's healthiest to be able to acknowledge, embrace, explore and celebrate all aspects of ourselves. It's certainly very UNhealthy to deny parts of oneself. And if those parts are destructive (animalistic, raging demon), well, love and embrace them and let them sleep content in your bosom.


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I agree. When I was growing up, the only ones I heard of were gay/lesbian, bisexual, and straight. And now all these new ones are popping up all over the place and I'm not sure what to think. The only think that I can conclude is that you are who you are, and there doesn't need to be a label for it at all. <3


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I also agree. I think with all the labels its really confusing. Especially for the teens and new people just coming to the "other side". Its causes them to doubt what they are.. If they are thinking of it right...what others are calling each other, and so on.

I liked it when it was just the basics. Now its getting really complicated. Its even harder if you google sexuality labels. You can be on there for hours with pages and pages of the different labels.

It also causes a lot of arguments. I have see people yell and scream because they like men, or dont like a certain kind of female for example.


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I am surprised no one is eSexual.

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