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The Apple Of My Eye

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My Gosh! She's so....!

If you're being honest with yourself and the rest of us here at lesbotronic, you could say you're not shallow, but you have to admit that the visuals are a part of it for you. I know they are for me. When you see a girl in the street and you can't stop staring, what exactly is it that makes you do that? In other words....

What's your type?

Be completely honest, and don't get offended! Everyone has their own styles and types and preferences! Just because you may not be what the person before you finds attractive, doesn't mean that you're not the next poster's perfect girl!

Try and include an image of a girl that matches your type, because descriptions can be confusing sometimes!

The prettiest girl for me:

I LOVE blonde hair, blue eyed girls! I think short and petite is extremely attractive, but I love bigger breast cups and round asses. I find bones very sexy, so collarbones and hip bones really does it for me! I've named this type of girl a "pixie girl".

What about you? :)

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I'm all over the board with my type. It is more than the visual/aesthetic. As I tour dating sites I am drawn to the smile and twinkle in the eye. Hair color doesn't matter. I'm not size specific,either. Vuluptuous, Mother Earth types draw me as much as the preppie look. If someone doesn't write something I'm not interested because I'm attracted to intelligent,articulate women. Ethnicity,doesn't matter.

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