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Howdy From New Mexico

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Chava Rivka

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Hi. My name is Sandra. I'm just moving back to Albuquerque after being away for 17 years. I'm ready to be back in the city after being out in the sticks for so long. I'm lonely [It is hard to admit that, but it is the truth...], even though I am in a relationship. It is a relatively new relationship...only since February or so. I'm not so sure I should stay in it...I'd like to find some space to discuss my doubts, my fears, etc. here. I'd also like to make some friends here. I've been in the closet for a long time.

I like music [Lana del Rey is my current passion...], film, books, conversation, etc.

I'm into all sorts of people, like anythink quirky, new, unusual.



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Well hey there Sandra! (: I was going through some topics here and noticed yours so I thought I'd reply (: when you said you were interested in someone whoes quirky, I totally fit that category at times xD or so my mom says that's my best feature and why so many people like me so easily. I myself have been in the closet all throughout high school but I started questioning my sexuality in jr high and have been out for over a year now (came out last year in October) so that much being said, I know that half of what your going through :3 Hope to hear from you soon

Kaitlyn ^^


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I know what you mean. Its hard in New Mexico. I too, am finding myself lonely. I wish I had someone to talk to about this.


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It's nice to see you here. Hope you have fun posting. We're doing a bit of a revival here and there's tons of topics you are more than welcome to join in on. I try to always post a bit or two of news everyday. I

What type of interests do you have? I love learning about diseases, the more gross the better (it's really odd... and I CAN'T tell you when or how it started). I also am a fancy rat aficionado.

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