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I'm a 38 year old gay woman that is often mistaken for a boy. I don't really consider myself butch, but I am maybe unintentionally androgynous. My nephews used male pronouns for me until they were about 4.
I don't particularly mind it when I'm alone, but when it happens when im with my family I get embarrassed for them.
I was just wondering if anyone that deals with this could give me some insight or perspective that might help me not secretly curse and blame myself for looking the way I do. I would Be very grateful and appreciate any input at all.


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I'm dealing with this internal issue myself at the moment, and I can't tell you how many times I've been called embarrassing out in public because of the way I dress. I'm not a girly girl and I dress like a boy. My mom finds it embarrassing but dressing like a boy is more comfortable then dressing like a girl. I personally see nothing wrong with the way I dress and your family shouldn't either. It's you being comfortable and they should accept your choices. And definitely not call you embarrassing. Hope I tried helping to answer your question (:

~ Kaitlyn


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Hey sweetie, look I myself am a fem i put on make up and all that girly stuff and people still put me in the dyke category. I say to you, you do not and should not change who you are or the way you look for anyone. especially ignorant people. God made you in his image and thats all that should matter. Now with the little kids, kids sometimes don't know any better and thats fine you need to teach them but as for everyone let it go, don't sweat it, if your happy being you do you.

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I agree jealene. I know there are a lot of straight women who look like men too.

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