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Lesbian Who Dresses Like A Boy

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Are there any lesbians who don't feel comfortable dressing all girly girl, and prefer dressing like a boy? Because lately I've been seen wearing jeans, tshirts, sneakers, and to church a nice white polo shirt, vest and a pair of jeans with my sneakers. I was also thinking of getting my lip and belly button peirced, my hair cut really short (an inch or so above my ears.) but my mom, (especially her), my grandma and the rest of my family say that I'm embarrassing them in public for the way I dress. Does anyone else have these problems? I really need some answers to this question (: Any help would be appreciated ^^ :3


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Hey there, don't let anyone tell you what you should wear, be, or love! If they can't love you as you are, they don't deserve to have you in their life. I've almost always dressed that way, and I daresay I'm a tad older than you are (I'm 39). I have an eyebrow ring and when I dress up, it's in a tux with tails, you betcha! Sometimes you just have to tell the people you love that you are what you are, and they will have to get used to it. The best thing I ever did was find a "family of choice" to offer support for my preferences, and they shored up my doubts and the pressure from my family of origin and society. Keep your chin up and keep your style your own!


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Heck I even want to start wearing ties as well (: I think my grandpa may have a few he dosent wear that I could try on, just to see what I look like you know. Most of my friends say I'll look really good and one even took it a step further and said I'd look hot lol. Most of these have been over the Internet friends and all, but I love their opinions on my style (: I don't even wear dresses anymore really and I guess boy clothes are more my style as well as a quick splash of Axe body spray for men.


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The most attractive people are comfortable in their clothes! You should wear what you feel most comfortable, and anyone who has a problem with that needs to spend less time judging you. I like to wear girly things, but I feel most comfortable in sneakers, jeans or baggy sweatpants, collared shirts, a hat. My grandfather taught me how to tie a necktie and I sported them with my polos and collared shirts in my senior year at high school. It made me feel really cool despite the "gender-bending" aspect.
As for piercings, go for it! Your body modification is an expression of you. There's no rules against expressing yourself and no one should make you feel that way. I have my eyebrow pierced twice, both traguses, and tattoos all over my neck. I can easily dress professional or formal with all my piercings visible.
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