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What Do I Do Now?

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So, I am new at this whole thing of internet meet and greet. What do I do now? How does all of this work?


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Just reply to forums and say hi (: at least that's what I've been doing ^^ people usually comment or reply within a short time (: others it may take a while.


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So how does one go about meeting people? Do I need to just jump right in to emailing them, or is there an intermediate step?



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If you want to jump right into messaging someone, there's certainly nothing wrong with that. (And that's exactly what's going on on the personals side of the site.)

But the idea of participating on the discussion board too is that you'd also . . . discuss.
Some topics.
On here, on the board.

There are many of them that invite your commentary or opinion.

Discussion here would mean other members can see what you're like via a little more than just your personals profile.

Then, if they like what they see and read, they can message you too.

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