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Halo Nott

(India) Hello

I'm a shy girl who hasn't come out yet and has no idea what to do to meet girls. I have definetly ruled out my locality (don't ask).

So my question is: is there anyone out there???

Hmmm, I'd say my personality was like a gem. Sometimes light, sometimes dark and sometimes with a rainbow in it. (bit much?....sorry....)

I other words I don't know myself so well, but I promise to be nice and to run away from you if you're mean.

Oh I like cute or kawai girls...ehh.. who are shy like me? 

I value life the most but am not a vegetarian. I hate smoking or drinking. I love the colour red. I hate volence and insensitivity. I might be passionate - I don't know.

So hello everyone.....don't eat me!!! 

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