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Boston (and North) Queer Women's Game Night

I'd like to invite local lesbians to my place for a game/dinner night. Card games, board games, karaoke on the Wii and potluck style dinners. I have a sizeable apartment in Malden that could really use some company to brighten the space. I'd start monthly to figure out the interest level, and hope that some friendly as well as romantic connections could be made.

I'd like to start on Sunday afternoons. There's public parking, some cats, and plenty of room inside. You can PM me for the actual address. The only thing I ask is that you show up with some food to share, an open mind, and a desire to meet new people and do fun things. I'll be voice verifying everyone before they get the address, so no worries about being ambushed by inappropriate attendees.

I hope to see a fair number of you here!


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