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Help... I Have Completed Everything You Asked, I Think! Lol

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Ok, I have a personal on here, I signed up for "the board" and have my username and password and it still won't let me view members saying I don't have access, so WHAT am I doing wrong? Is my username the same for my personals and only the password is different or are they the same or what? I'm not getting it, maybe I'm overthinking it, whatever the case, I want to be able to access and join in all the areas of this site, soooo, help me out... Please :mellow: And how do I get my pic on here, if I ever do get on here, it's on my personals profile already.?

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First, have you seen the Help, ?s, Problems, Concerns, Etc., tab up at the top of the board? Please click on that and read, it answers most of those questions.

Except that no, if your pic is on your personals profile, it's not then automatically uploaded here too. We let YOU decide if and when to upload a pic to the board. After a sufficient number of posts (again, explained in the Help area), you should be able to upload a pic here simply by editing your profile here on the board.

However, if for some reason that is difficult for you, you can email us the pic you'd like uploaded for your board profile, we can help you with that.

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