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Hello, Newbie To Most Of This...

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Don't even know where to start. I had been with women before when I was younger but never dated them and now I'm looking to explore that world. I've always dated guys and been an advocate to my children about being equal opportunity but wondering if dating guys has been a cop out because it's just easier to be straight (family history plays a big part in this)... I'm not even sure how to flirt/date girls! I'm sure I'm not the only one out there. Would love to hear your stories!


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i have also dated mosly guys. I dont think that its because i am afraid to date girls its just the fact that i dont meet to many girls that i like in that way. There have been girls i have liked before just to find out they are mosly straight. Mosly straight meaning they will do sexual things with girls but never date them. I think it is easier to date men because we usually know when they are straight, we dont have to worry about two rejections. I dont really know what its like to question wheather i like women or not because i have always known at a very young age. I am very agresive when it comes to girls so i will usually over do it and even try and compete with guys to get the girls attention. i think though i figured out the best way to get a girls attention is to just get to know them and listen, and really care. I think girls Know when we like them even if we are not flirting.

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