Coming Out As Gender Fluid/queer

Hey folks,

So here's the thing, I'm pansexual, came out as that when I was like 19 so most people who know me well know that my sexuality is all inclusive. However, I recently discovered the term of gender fluidity. I really think I identify as gender fluid, and it fits me really well as far as labels go. (Though I don't like labels, when people ask I at least have something to say so they don't flip total shit from my not conforming to social norm)

I have come out to a select few people, mainly my best friends and girlfriend. It's not too big a deal with them, but I'm just wondering how I should try to explain or define this when coming out more openly. Should I give my personal definition, but just water it down a bit so they're able to grasp the concept, or what?

I'd like to eventually tell my family cause they don't know, and I don't think they'd like it, though they'd more or less accept it because they love me, but I'd like to put it into words which they could understand (I guess, use laymen's terms?) because they aren't really concerned much with LGBT+ issues. They know I'm big into activism for it, but they'd prefer not to talk about it if they don't have to.

Point being, how does one come out as gender queer/fluid? Have any of you came out as someone with a non-binary gender identity? If so could you give me any advice on this? It'd be greatly appreciated! :)



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I identified as genderfluid for a while, before I got more comfortable with myself and realised I was trans. I don't think there's anything you particularly need to do to come out - just tell people. Be prepared to explain yourself a lot!

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