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Clueless And Havent Dated Anyone In Forever. So Hi!

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Hello I live in miamisburg- West Carrollton ohio and was wonderiing if anybody on here is around here. Like the topic says I havent really dating anyone in over five years and I am reeally shy and have no clue how to flirt so the chance of me meeting somone out in the non virtual world are highly unlikely. actually this is kind of a multi purpose topic I wated to do three things: Find out who all lives near me, ask a few questions, and say hi again since my first try sucked. I was hoping somone could tell me how they guess other girls orentation, how do you tell if they are bi or lesbian or do you just go along hit and miss style? And how do you know if somone is flirting with you? Sorry to ask so many questions I tend to ramble on and on whien it comes to these things. I'll just say hello now and cork it as im probibly making an idiot of myself. Anyhoo discuss? oh and Hi again everyone! :D


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Well hello...I am new to the site but wanted to respond....I have gone 9 years and not been in a relationship...I began dating last year and have found the rules and games have changed quite a bit....only advise I can offer is to truly be yourself...shy and all....I am shy when it comes to someone I am interested in, but I am learning to put myself out there...as far as how to proceed....send out messages on this site...I have and got a few responses already......that opens dialogue.....as far as gadar....I mean truly even a str8 gal appreciates someone flirting with them...infact they think highly of another females talking to them...nothing lost with that..you can gain a really kool friend....I keep my flirting to in the community functions, but I certainly notice the lesbians out...but I am older as well....a woman just knows when you get that look....you will know when someone is flirting with you...even if it is a slight smile and look away....just put yourself out there...be prepared to be let down, even hurt...but take the chance.....regret is something you have to live with....the rules have changed but the core is still the same...put your best foot forward, be honest and go after what your gut tells ya......good luck to you.....open your heart and see whats out there for ya...
Peace and Love, BISQUIT

Jay T.

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I strongly suggest you deside what you want out of life. and find someone who wants the same.
That way works far better than chasing sex and hopeing for magic to make it all work out long term.

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