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What Are Your "deal Breakers"

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Jay T.

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I always ask what a womans deal breakers are. So many will go on and on about what they want, 'I just want someone to love me." or "I want someone to hold and cuddle with." etc...

What are your -- "Oh hell NO!" ... "Not even gonna happen!" ... "Forget that shit!" ???

What will shut it down right now ... for you?

Do you even bother to think about it?


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I have a thing I call a small application that first must be met.....must have transportation, occupation and habitation......then deal breakers are liars, cheaters, game players........then I have the needy clingy clause.....hate when those twins show up......but common sense really...be a good hearted person with some intelligence and humor.....know what you want and need from your partner......and be assertive with it.......
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Jay T.

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some of mine are chemical use/dependancy.. screamer/yelling at children or animals... not honest and upfront... I keep thinking that I will get all my points written down and have a printed list to hand out...LOL ...

but most of the time I dish out some of my baggage points
and the 'I am super interested in you' .. woman runs for the hills!!!
I just shake my head and wonder.

I think my #1 is she has to want to live out in the country like I do.
Solar and wind power, wood heat, animals...
cold in the winter, hot in the summer.
That crosses me off many a list...

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Deal breakers kind of elicit a knee-jerk "hell no" response and for good reason. They offend us so deeply into our cores, that they just scream out. However, how many times have we ignored such reactions because we just know that this time is different? I know I have done it, much to my regret later, but such is the way of things.


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A big deal breaker for me has always been people that are fake (personality wise), people with thin skin, and people with no sense of humor. I can overlook a lot of things but those three will make turn around and spin the wheel again.
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Rammy Lynn

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If she thinks Fox "News" is gospel!



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View PostRammy Lynn, on 12 June 2013 - 07:04 AM, said:

If she thinks Fox "News" is gospel!

This is hysterical, and oh so very, very true. We should add this to some future poll. :)

Rammy Lynn

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Thank you. I find it a very useful tool for weeding the garden, so to speak.


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I can't take cigarette smoke. If a friend or acquaintance smokes, there's nothing I can do about that outside asking them to go somewhere ele or I go somewhere else. But I can't date a girl who smokes cigarettes. That's just a source of tension for me..
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If I'm sitting at my favorite slot machine on my "alone time" night out and she sends me a text, asking me if I can get her a burger before the drivethru closes.

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