New Here - From Houston, Tx

Hey everyone!

My name is Rebecca, but everyone calls me Becky. I live in the West side of Houston, but I go all over. I currently homeschool my kindergarten aged nephew, and I love it! I'm real big into camping and hiking, but I also love painting and reading. I can go out to the club or just stay at home and cuddle uo with some tea and a movie. I love to find new types of cuisine and will try most anything once.

Where do you live?

What are some things you like to do?


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Hi Becky from Houston: This is Jan from Rogersville TN. I also find myself cuddling up with tea and a good movie at times. I have never had kids to look after. I always wanted them, but I am a little old now for that sort of thing and find myself wondering if Big Sisters or some agency would let "a woman like me" be in charge of a child. You know how straights all think that gay/lesbian people are child molesters. But maybe one day when I am in better financial shape I will look into it. As for things I like to do-1)sit on my porch and play one of my various instruments 2)play with my dog or cat 3)watch my chickens 4)garden-veggies and flowers and herbs 5) hang with my friends and 6) help neighbors in need. Almost forgot and it really does not qualify for things I LIKE to do-but more in the category of things I have to do-CAN produce (from the garden). Enough for now

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