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Prop 8 Is Dead, Doma Whittled Down


So waking up this morning, I watched and waited for the ruling on Prop 8 and DOMA. I was happy to hear that Prop 8 is gone, keeping the marriages of same sex couples legal in the state of California. DOMA on the other hand, only Sect 3 has been ruled unconstitutional. I'm a bit upset, but we all (including myself) must remember that we have to take baby steps.

I just can't understand how people think that if we are allowed to get married, it all of a sudden makes others who are not gay (being used as a catch all term) want to enter a gay relationship. WHen will they understand that being gay isn't like getting a cold or the flu. DOMA will not keep a civilization intact. Not everyone will suddenly pair into same-sex couples and we'll die out as a species. I don't think we have an issue with people abstaining from having kids.

Below are a few links to articles that I enjoyed.

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