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Diy Weddings?

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How do you all feel about it? I think it's a great idea for couples to do more themselves to avoid the high costs of many vendors. Why go into serious debt over one day? Why not save that money for a house or a newer car or to pay off student loans?

Here's a HuffPostLive segment that will be showing on July 8th about it.

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I think DIY weddings can be just (if not more) beautiful as over-the-top, coordinator lead ones.

As a matter of fact, many couples still take part in handfasting, which is a traditional wedding held outdoors. It's focused more on the union of two people vs. the materialistic/religious hubbub. Many people say in their vows that the union 'should last as long as love lasts' (as opposed to 'til death do us part'). It's a lot more simple, with a different twist of focus, so that love was in the spotlight. As opposed to the big expensive wedding itself. I truely feel that love is the most important thing during a wedding.

But in the end, the emotions and personalities of the couple are what should ultimately be reflected in the wedding. So if going all out is what makes you happy, go for it. Same goes for a little agreement in a log cabin with rings and campaign.

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