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Orange Is The New Black

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Anyone checking out this show? it seems really interesting. I'll have to check it out someday. here's a link to an article about it!

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Yup, just watched it. All 13 episodes in just a few days, it sucked us in that compellingly. Recommend!

But I actually don't know if I'd recommend that anyone already committed to watching the show read that article first. It's a bit spoiler-y. Even though it is terribly worth reading, as it is hysterical. My favorite part: (recapping) A prison guard/counselor/whatever gives the main character a lecture, advising her, "I want you to understand, you do not have to have lesbian sex."

In response to that, the author of the linked article above replies, "I don't have to eat candy either, but it's delicious, so."

If you're on the fence about reading the article or watching the show, it also features actual butch lesbians. Not the Hollywood version, but ACTUAL butch lesbians. And it's based on a true story, which makes things more interesting, to me anyway. Based on a book, actually, but haven't read it, so don't know how closely the show adheres to the book.

I'd recommend everyone check out the show first, THEN read the article. :clap:

p.s. I think you do have to subscribe to Netflix in order to see the show, at least right now. I would guess it'll be on DVD and/or wider release later, as these things tend to be.


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I need to re-up my netflix. I did read it since I have a HUGE crush on Laura Prepon. I watched a segment on HuffPost Live she was on. I was all over the place. I really need to re-up my netflix for this. I'm happy that you liked it so I'll have to get this going soon. I'm glad there's a show that actually portrays us in a better light than what the LGBTQ+ community is normally subjected to.

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Rammy Lynn

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Andreja! Good call, just started watching.
Love it!
Spent $65 on 2 Seasons of The L Word that I gifted from ITunes to a friends email, wish I would have watched this first!

Larissa Bailey

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Has anyone read the book that the series is based off of? I know that I need to!

Thea Louise

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Oh my gosh... I love the show so much!! I finished the last episode of the second season today, and I am so sad I have to wait for season 3!! But really, they are based of a book-series?? What are they called??

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