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Taking Online Offline

How long do you wait?

I've been speaking with someone for some time and I am wondering when I should ask for like an email address? I do really like her. She seems like a person I'd definitely be friends with and could see myself with. She's now out of college and has more free time on her hands (for the most part). I don't want to say i want to hurry a relationship, but part of me is wanting to have some validation that she really is who she is so that I can do one of two things: try to pursue a relationship with her or end it and try and find someone else.

And other question I have... Is it bad that I have put people's photos through Google Image search to see if they are real? I did this with the aforementioned person and she seems like she is a real person. I didn't get a facebook page, but i'm glad I actually didn't get that.

I somedays wish my own advice worked for me. Not sure why it doesn't exactly. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

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