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Does Anyone Remember This Add Campaign?

I think I was in highschool when I first saw this campaign in a magazine and I was completely mesmerized. That should mean about... ten years ago or so. It was the first time I was seeing a lesbian (or same sex actually) couple openly displayed in a mainstream fashion magazine and it was a pretty big deal for me. It's true that the picture they printed was none of these three, it was a different one I can't find anymore. It was a close-up, one of them had her arm around the neck of the other and was looking at the camera, while the other woman was looking at her. They were very close and the photo was filled with tension. I cut it out and kept it for years and years.

Recently I dug and dug until I finally found these three shots, only I can't find any details about it. Was it a big deal? Some sort of statement? Does anyone remember?




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I do vaguely remember this. I only saw it online, though.

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