(Ohio) I Just Wanna Have Fun!

Hi Ladies. I am on this page just looking for people to get to know. I love conversation. I am a very good conversationalist. I also love jokes. Making people laugh is my thing. I dont really mind what state you are in, I would just love to know more people.

In my life all my friends have gone away. Most of them had babies.. got married...moved away.. or we just drifted apart. But I still long for that conversation half. The laughs. The how was your day talk. The WOW TELL ME THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN TO ME conversatons lol.

I miss just talking and being close to people. In the middle of our busy lives sometimes we forget to live. Sometimes we just forget the simple things in life.

So If anyone is interested I would love to chat. To share a laugh. To discuss a topic. Maybe even debate a little.

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Hi welcome to the boards! We seem to be in the same boat. Just about all my friends are married, kids... the usual fare for someone my age. I've been left to my own devices with no cohorts. There's lots of topics to comment on (I see you have already joined in some  ) and feel free to add news about goings on in your area or your feelings on a topic.

Hope your day was great,


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Yeah I am getting the hang of this board stuff lol. Isn't it crazy how life changes so fast. One minute your with friends and family and then the next thing you know everyone is gone or JUST WAY TO BUSY TO BE BOTHERED. Last Saturday was the first time I had ever went to the movies by myself. I remember when that was like SOCIAL SUICIDE. lol No one would go to the movies alone. Im still trying to get courage up to hit the mall alone.

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