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Working On Getting To Know People, One Smile At A Time!

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Hey Ladies and Gentlemen! Yall can call me Red if you like. This is my first step delving into the admission that I like women (aside from telling a few close friends that is.) and I am excited to get started! I am currently in a serious relationship of a few years with a wonderful man who I plan to marry one day, we have a beautiful family and I wouldn't give it up for anything! However, before I met him I was attempting to FINALLY establish some kind of relationship with a very pretty young lady, but was sidelined by love from my honey. He is fully aware of my profile and is fully supportive but not in sick, twisted way. I mean I'm sure he's thought about it, he's human, I get it. But he's being very sweet and understanding of the fact that while he makes me extremely happy, I am still attracted to women and isn't condeming or judging me for exploring this side of my personality. He's a few years older than me and recongizes the fact that we only live once, we need to experience and embrace everything we can that makes us happy if we can. He accepts me for me, as a whole, which includes an attraction to females so I am very blessed. I work in a male dominated enviornment, and consider myself butch femme for several reasons. I love to dress up with red lipstick, cute clothes and jewelry, and am comfortable flaunting my femininity and sexuality very opely (when appropriate) on my days off or a night out. However at work, I am just as much a man as anything born with testosterone flowing through their veins. I carry myself in a very firm, forward, and honest way. I tend to gravitate towards male personalities more than female due to alot less drama (in my experience anyway) and have no issue rolling with the boys on a daily basis. I intimidate the hell out of most females due to my blatant disgust for those who flirt, screw, or shove their tits in peoples faces to get their way, promote or 'make friends'. In the work enviornment I am black and white, no bullshit, get it done and go home. I have and will continue to go toe to toe with some of the biggest, baddest motherf*ckers I come into contact with because I refuse to be treated less than equal because of what is, or isn't, dangling between my legs. I don't always win (there are some BIGGG f*ckers where I clock in!) but I have gained alot of admiration and respect for demanding to be judged on my work experience, not the fact that I have ovaries. I am described by my co-workers and friends as a man trapped inside a sexy, ballsy, bullheaded, red haired womans body, and I can roll with that wearing a smile. Due to my male oriented thought process and obvious female features, I have quite a few people who respect my relationship, but also admit they are attracted to me, for both my personality and looks. Which is cool, but luckily because of the kind of woman I am, they never cross the line. The few that have, only did it once. So basically I am one of the boys, with a very girly side. I can rock both sides of my personality by taking complete charge or reacting very softly, depends on the company and situation. If theres anything else you would like to know, shoot me a message and check out my profile. I hope to hear from cool people who respect my point of view and boundaries, and we can see where it goes! I'm not holding any expectations as of right now, but if something happens it happens. We will cross that bridge when we get there. Anyway, school work I gotta do so I'm gonna shut up now! Nice to meet you all...and I am looking forward to this new experience I have finally opened myself up to. Much love. Red XOXO

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