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Hello Frome Phoebe A Newbie

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Hello from Phoebe. I am an older transgendered person. I started crossdressing mostly after my divorce about 35 years ago. As the years passed was mostly in the closet due to social stigma of males who dressed in women's' clothes in the 1980's. I managed to dress and go out into the public sector under the cover of darkness. I didn't frequent the bars or nightclubs as I felt I would be banned from even the gay bars. I lived in a west suburb of Chicago, IL in the 1980's. The times I ventured out I went to the movie theaters in LaGrange and Yorktown shopping center and a few times drove up to the Woodfield shopping mall where there were two multiplex theaters. I was never refused admittance to the theaters, however still was apprehensive going elsewhere. I guess going dressed in female one afternoon to Yorktown shopping mall I was 'wolf whistled' at and that made me go back in the closet except for going to the movie theater.

I moved back to the twin cities area of Minnesota in 1986. Still afraid to go out appearing as female. I was more cautious living back in St Paul, Minnesota area due to being discovered by people who knew me as a male. St Paul, Minnesota is my home town. Winters of 1987 - 1988 and 1988 - 1989 I worked on contract in the Fort Lauderdale area. Attended some girls nights out at a private club. The girls nights out were sponsored by Fantasies In Lace store in the Ft Lauderdale area. The store is no longer in business but the online catalog has a lot of female clothes.

In 1999 I discovered Tri-Ess, the society for the second self a organization for heterosexual married crossdressers. I was single however the chapter allowed me to attend meetings and outings after a interview by the membership committee. At the first meeting I was so elated to find that I was not the only male who liked to dress in female clothes. Also from one of the members of the Beta Gamma chapter was told about another group called City of Lakes Crossdressers Community. Now known as City of Lakes Crossgender Community. I did not participate in Tri-Ess very long as found the CLCC met my life style. CLCC allowed all who were transgendered to attend meetings. I have gone off and on to meetings of CLCC over the years. I currently am the webmistress of http://clccmn.org web site. Not much of a web site trying to make it a little better. Learning WordPress at my age is a little rough! :rolleyes: I took over the web site from another person who was not interested in updating the web site a few months ago.

I present female most of the time there are occasions where I am required to present male. :huh: If I were able to have GRS I would most likely be a lesbian. :smiling:

Hope to contribute to the board and meet locals from the twin cities of Minnesota.



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Hey Phoebe, nice to see you here. For a second I thought you may have been a friend of mine, but you're almost old enough to be her dad! But you have an amazing background and I hope all goes well with you in the future with everything you wish to do.

Hope to see you around more,

@Scissor_Sista on-a-mountain-she-sits.tumblr.com

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