(South Carolina) Hello All :-)

Hi everyone!

My name is Sydney. I live in South Carolina but do not live up to the stereotype here at all trust me. So glad to be on here to meet new people; especially who are like-minded. I have recently come to terms with my bisexuality after suppressing it for years and would like to get to know others to share feelings, experiences, and opinions. I am out to close friends and family but that is all. So nice to meet you all!

Stop by and say hello! 


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Hey Sydney. I hope you have fun here too. Please comment on any topic you see that's already been posted or even start your own. Hope to see you around here more.

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Hi Sydney!

Very well met!

I was fortunate to meet someone early in High School who had the same feeling that I did. Also, we were oh so lucky to have a Science Teacher who was way, way out and was really easy to talk to. I remember asking is it was normal and he said , homosexuality is not necessarily normal in the animal kingdom but who wants to be normal it is so boring. Bisexuality is a blessing and you will have endless possibilities to explore. So, I never really worried about it after that. The oldies really sort of freaked but I think they mostly got over it.

All the Best


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