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N00b From Seattle

Well, Bremerton, actually. But close enough.

I'm new to the forums, and newly "outed" mostly lesbian, not sure what label I fall under, not completely closed to the possibility of a relationship with a man but finding it exceedingly unlikely, lady looking for friends on and offline (:

I'm hoping I can try and find some like-minded (or not so like-minded) individuals to discuss and learn from as I navigate this complicated path of self discovery. I had been with the same man for about 7 years, knowing I had a strong attraction to women, but for some reason never feeling like it was a viable option for me. Why did I feel this way? Who knows. I've always had very liberal and supportive parents, friends, and a reasonably gay friendly community. Anyways, after a series of huge life-changing experiences, I realized I was not living the life I was meant to live. Which brings me here, seeking community and people with whom I can cultivate meaningful conversations about these subjects, and more.

A bit about me: I love watching movies and good TV shows (think Tarantino movies, Dexter, and other things of that nature). I also love, Love, LOVE 80's new wave. I used to be a goth kid, but now I'm more of a hippy. I'm a photographer by passion and trade, and I also do some modeling on the side, just for fun.

Looking forward to meeting lots of interesting people! (: (: (:

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