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I Thought I Was A Boy Too

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I thought I was a boy until I was about twelve. I would tell my mom's cousins that I was going to grow up and become a boy. I really did feel like a boy. I had boy friends and I felt like they felt. Until I had my first lover--female--in high school, I was not feeling sexual. I did notice that I had some sexual reactions on the physical when I did sleepovers with my best friends but I thought must have been normal physical response to sleeping in bed with friends.

I did not come to grips with it until a few years into my relationship and we both discussed the issues again and again. At some point, I realized I was androgenous.

But... more recently, I read about about cells of some animal that was being tested for horomonal changes and sexuality. In that science article which I cannot recall where I found it and did not save it, it was discovered that chickens cells identify as a sex before they have a horomonal change. So... the scientists theorized that the cells somehow differentiate the sex of an organism prior to any hormonal changes. They had also stated that the chickens did not know they were not one sex or the other but were gender confused.

After reading that, I realized that is why I felt like a boy as a child.

Ross Mock

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I, too, can relate to feeling that I was also born into the wrong body as a child. I played with the wrong toys, dressed myself in the "wrong" clothes, found that I liked girls, and later on in life, finally admitted that I needed to do the things that it took to be what I really was....a man. So I have; everything but the surgery. I've started rather late in life, as changing ones sex was experimental when I was in my 20's, but if I can give you a bit of a suggestion, and you believe this is what you need to do, do it early. The earlier the better.

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