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Greetings Ladies I Am Elan

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I cannot load a picture to this forum's profile at the moment unfortunately the site is having trouble loading it however, I have attched one to this post. I am new here and truly wanted to introduce myself and get the ball roliing on chatting and getting to know some of you. I live in Atlanta, Georgia by way of Portland, Oregon. I am such a free spirit and love all people. I enjoy nature, good food and drinks, a healthy intellectual conversation, traveling, and admiring GOD'S greatest gift to earth, WOMEN!!! Feel free to communicate with me or personal message me I am looking to meet and communicate with various women for various types of friendships. I do have a profile btw on the site if you would like to veiw it (ellesuret).

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I love the ladies!!!



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Hi there. Actually, the site is NOT having any trouble right now, so I went ahead and uploaded the thumbnail you uploaded into your post instead, into your profile for you. Not sure why you were having difficulty with that, but it's uploaded now, OK? :)

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