Julie RK

French Lady Up To Meet Any Open-minded Creative Lovely Friend Here !

Hey there,

Let me please introduce myself, I'm Julie, a French 24 kinda traveling lady willing to discover people, cultures, lifestyles, passions, and whatever which may bring a smile on someone face.

I currently live in France, but I've been quite around these five last years. From New Mexico, to the Bask Country, to Argentina, to Peru and mainly all around South America, I've been studying and producing some festivals around.

Meeting new souls and discovering their worlds drove me around a lot of wonderful memories, and I'm now pretty sure I gonna meet nice people in this place to exchange point of views and laugh a lot.

My life is divided between all the 60's-70's rock'n'roll good stuff (Bowie, Joplin, Baez, Cohen, etc) and peruvian cumbia ! I must admit I have a little tenderness for mariachis too. I myself use to play the drums, and I still would really love to keep on practicing (if I hadn't have sell my drum for a trip I did...). I also try to be into some photography, not that easy to get "the thing" but i work on it ! Love to go hiking why my dog, watch the clouds in the sky and dream about every little possibility life still has to offer me.

I'm not on that website to meet one special person actually, I'm more about to meet one special magical thing in each person I'll have the pleasure to meet, and enjoy the luxury of smiling with "a stranger".

Oh by the way, sorry for my English, sometime my grammar and syntaxes go a little random, we can switch to Spanish or French in that case  (It might also go random, but I must admit : this is who I am !)

Please feel free to email me,


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Hey Julie, welcome! I'm Andreja. If you have anything you'd like to share from your travels, I'd love to see more. I like travel, and though I 've not done a ton lately, I need to make some more check marks off the list of places to go.

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sure i'd love that !

maybe better by inbox ? (if i can get to understand how it works..!)

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