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(UK) A Simple Introduction

Hi I'm Nicole,

I'm a 28 yr old female artist, writer, and full time mother, american ex-pat living in London and enjoying life! I'm bi-sexual, and exploring the world of poly-fidelity, and polyamorous relationships.

I'm currently looking for FRIENDS only, on-line and offline, to explore greater London with, do some wine tasting, and lots of fun nattering.

I am particularly into drawing classes, museums, activities that get your heart going (ice skating, hiking,) Also wouldn't mind talking to some like minded bi or lesbian poly people, as I'm intensely curious about the subject and have been researching couples and relationships in regards to this for a few years now.  So anyone with experience in this subject is welcome to message me.

I'm new to being with a woman sexually, although I have been romantically involved and dated women it just never went that extra step, the person I wanted to lose my femme virginity to, it was complicated. I guess I just don't do one night stands with men or women. 

So here I am on a social site to hopefully make a lot of really great friends and explore a side to me that has been put the back burner for many years, I want to fully and freely with out fear express myself, and i'm frankly quite excited to do so!

Anyone else of a similar mind and location? 



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