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Shy Hello From Vegas

Hello, and thanks for reading this! I am never really great at these, but I'll try!

I am 25 years old, rather shy, and always been a bit shy in person and have mainly spent my time online. I play video games mostly, but I want to get into tabletop games and such.

I like watching TV shows such as Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, Pretty Little Liars, My Fat Mad Teenage Diary and a lot more, but I mainly only keep up with a few.

I have some issues with social anxiety, so I am working towards not only loving myself but trying to get more uh social...even though I'm a homebody, and would rather stay at home with a movie and such.

I am up for friends and relationships (even long distant) and honestly looks do not matter, as I am more interested in personality and how a person handles them self.

I hope this was good enough, and feel free to pm me!

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