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Yoga Teacher

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I've had some trouble in the past with being socially inappropriate. Yet I've also been told I'm good at reading what people are like, without knowing them that well. So my instincts are telling me that, if my yoga teacher isn't bi, she's bicurious. But she's a single mom of a daughter, who's around my age, and she took social work. Although I don't have a problem with age, I'm not a fan of social workers. But, anyway, regardless of my bias, it would be completely out of line for me to come onto her, right? I've heard that yoga teachers are very intuitive, as well, though, and I've tried making conversation in the form of questions, like where do you put the cloth we get at the end of class and how I go about getting my free birthday pass, when I could've asked someone else. I also put my mat right beside her's each time, so I feel like she knows. She makes conversation with some of the other young girls before class, and I wish I was brave enough to get to know her like that, but even if it was appropriate for me to come onto her, I don't know if I could. I'd be afraid of coming off like a stalker or something, lol! What also makes it awkward is, she looks a lot like one of my favorite singers, who I met in person, who I think shyed away from getting to know me, because she thought I was coming onto her, even though I wasn't. I thought I had convinced myself it was impossible for me to like the singer in that way, but then how come I have a crush on a yoga teacher that looks like her?! Grrr! She also encouraged us to comment at the end of the class. She said she was open to any questions or comments we may have. My comment, had I been bold enough, would've been that she was hot, lol! Am I seriously deranged or what?

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