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Hello From Ohio

Let's see...shall I say..."Salutations. I have ventured here in search of stimulating, cerebral conversation with gifted individuals..."

or..."Awaken your inner Joan of Arc! There is treachery afoot! Grab your sword and follow me..."

or..."If you are passionate about saving the Blue Whale, the Mountain Gorilla, the Snow Leopard, the Bengal Tiger, the Giant Panda ( just to name a few) from extinction or even just to protect the Elf Cat (the ugliest domesticated animal known to me) from the constant bullying, throw on your best tie die shirt and meet me..."

or..."Do you have what it takes to help me turn my big, "red" state..."BLUE" ?! Email me...experience in the art of picket sign making helpful..."

or...None of the above. I"m just here to try and meet cool people, from anywhere they wish to met from! so...


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