Thea Louise

Anyone Watch The Walking Dead?

Hey all

I am just watching the third season and I am getting so annoyed with Rick... ahhhh

He just wants to get rid of evryone!

I mean, how could he force away the group that came to the prison with the girl that died??

And Deryl is gone! I am so sad!!

Will he come back? Plz tell! I am one of those ppl who love spoilers ^^

And anyone else annoyed w Rick?

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Yesssssssss!! One of my favorite shows! Haha, I'm annoyed with Rick's growing craziness, and also with Carl's growing attitude -_- but they have to find their way back to sanity and happiness, it's a part of the journey. Also, not sure if you saw, but Daryl is back!! I love him! As much as he hates being dependent on anyone, he loves them. And half of the group reunited, but now theyre in a whole other predicament. I won't spoil any more than that for you! :)

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Ah, really! :)

I actually finished the whole show just recently! So now I know every thing!

I am still annoyed with Rick tho, he is just a mess.

But I love Mishonne and Carls growing frienship :))

Dont you love maggie and Glen together tho? They are the cutest couple ever :))

Yeah, Im so happy Daryl is back as well! I think he is probably the most famous character in all of the group.

Dont you wish there was a lesbian couple in the show tho? It would be very fitting for the show? :)

-Thea Louise

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